Maschinen Wicke GmbH
Mäh-Saugkombination Same
WKB 6502
Unimog Mäh-Saugkombination
Tremo Carrier Mäh-Saugkombination
Mäh-Saugkombination Holder
FSI 300 3H an Tremo Carrier
Mäh-Saugkombination Same Frutetto 3
Schneeschild mit Kastenstreuer
Mäh-Saugkombination Tremo Carrier Bodenentleerung
Frontkehrmaschine FKB 150 leicht
Mäh-Saugkombination Holder V130

Range of products from Maschinen Wicke GmbH in Ellingen, Bavaria

Our range of products includes attachments for horticulture, landscaping, municipal land care, summer and winter services, and specific standard products, but we also design and manufacture custom solutions for special applications.

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