Maschinen Wicke GmbH
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WKB 6502
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FSI 300 3H an Tremo Carrier
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Our company profile More than machines for municipal services

The company Maschinen Wicke GmbH is a medium sized machine manufacturer based in Ellingen, Bavaria. This family enterprise was founded in 1972 as a company trading in agricultural machinery. Over the years, we have adapted our corporate objectives to the new market requirements.

Luftbild: Maschinen Wicke

In 1998 we therefore began expanding our range to include specialised machinery for municipal services, horticulture, and landscaping. Yet not only requests for local municipal services, but also orders from all over Europe challenged our capabilities, and our reputation spread beyond the Bavarian borders.

Our personnel are our capital

Our team constitutes a tightly intermeshed blend of skills that enables all project phases to be mastered quickly and efficiently. All of our 25 employees are included in the decision making process – every opinion is important! We cooperate with selected local partners and suppliers. We can therefore develop innovative products that meet the most diverse requirements, whether for municipal services or landscaping. The outcome is a strong market presence in Europe that we intend to develop further.

To safeguard this objective for the future as well, we invest in qualification programmes for the next generation of office communication specialists and industrial mechanics.

We promote trainees with learning disabilities, supervise on-the-job trainees, and create new jobs in the region, also for seniors.

No matter whether you are from municipal services, work in horticulture, or are a private individual, our products on the following pages will interest you!