Maschinen Wicke GmbH
Mäh-Saugkombination Same
WKB 6502
Unimog Mäh-Saugkombination
Tremo Carrier Mäh-Saugkombination
Mäh-Saugkombination Holder
FSI 300 3H an Tremo Carrier
Mäh-Saugkombination Same Frutetto 3
Schneeschild mit Kastenstreuer
Mäh-Saugkombination Tremo Carrier Bodenentleerung
Frontkehrmaschine FKB 150 leicht
Mäh-Saugkombination Holder V130

Maschinen Wicke - Special machines built in Bavaria The company Maschinen Wicke based in Ellingen, Bavaria, bids you welcome!

We are your partner for special machines in the fields of horticulture, landscaping, municipal services, and forestry.

Profit from our technical knowhow in your search for that special machine design. Our competence is appreciated by our customers all over Europe, motivating us to tackle new challenges and new ideas for enhancing the convenience and efficiency of our customers’ daily routines.

Tradition and quality –
Special machines built by Wicke

We build special machines to meet your requirements in the shortest of times. When we build special machines, we design each and every one of them to meet your needs. In other words, our work is always based on your specific orders.

For over forty years, Wicke has been designing machines that make your work easier. We know what our products can do, so we grant our customers an extended two year warranty. We also support our customers for many years after they have purchased our Wicke machines made in Bavaria, making us a reliable partner for special machines over the long term.

We can fit existing vehicles with the tools needed to perform the work you want with optimal efficiency. Irrespective of the time of year and requirements, we have the right machine for every operation.

Maschinen Wicke